Free Resignation Letter Template

When you give notice to your employer that you are leaving, you typically are asked to put the notice in writing. Leaving a job can be filled with mixed emotions, depending on why you leave the position. Eliminate the emotion-driven response by using a basic template like the one below.

Resignation Letter
Free resignation letter template

Some Tips for Leaving a Job Gracefully

  • Avoid negative emotions in your resignation letter. If you need to speak about an issue of concern, use the exit interview or ask for time to sit down with your manager before you leave.
  • Using the resignation letter to speak highly of your experience is OK; you can briefly mention that you appreciated the opportunity and would recommend the companies to others.
  • Be aware that some companies may tell you to leave the day you put in your notice for various reasons. Some are related to security or confidential information. Some can be political. Whichever the reason, be prepared to leave the day you put in your notice if your company uses these protocols. 
  • Leaving online reviews of your experience is acceptable (think Glassdoor). Still, if you want your anonymous post to remain anonymous, you may want to wait several weeks before posting a review. 

Here is the outline for a brief resignation letter. Let me know if you found it helpful! – Sara


Your Direct Report’s Name

Their Title

Dear Direct Report Name:

Please accept this letter as my two-week notice from the TITLE position for COMPANY NAME, effective two weeks from CURRENT DATE.

COMPANY NAME has proven to be a fantastic employer in terms of X, Y, and Z (qualities you liked in the job).

I especially wanted to thank you for the opportunity to grow my skills (what did this manager do for you that you appreciated?)

While my last day is scheduled to be DATE, I hope I can be of assistance in preparing materials for my replacement or tying up any loose ends related to my position being temporarily vacant before then.



Note: Remove the middle two paragraphs in green for a more direct letter.


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