Your career should always be in transition - this is a good thing
-Sara HutchISON

Next time you have a mental roadblock while writing your resume, try some of my favorite keywords below. But first, let me remind you of my formula for an impactful resume bullet. Resume Bullet Formula When writing a resume from scratch or trying to improve an existing one, I go line by line and use […]

Resume Keywords and the Bullet Formula

Resume Writing Bullets

April 12, 2022

When writing the header of your resume, you should include all contact information that you would want a potential hiring manager to see. This includes your online portfolio (if relevant) and your LinkedIn Profile. Including a long URL at the top of your resume can throw off the formatting and it does not look aesthetically […]

The (completely free) upgrade to your LinkedIn that elevates your resume

Updating LinkedIn

February 25, 2022


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